396 Studios has been serving the Houston community for over 20 years. We were founded on creating high impact designs for small and medium sized business, but as our creativity became known and our name grew, so did our client base. We work with several of the top 10 restaurants in Houston, major medical and energy corporations, and plenty of Houston's small business/ retail shops.

Over the years, we have become trusted experts in creating an image that marketing campaigns focus around and we look to create intelligent, intentional design.

We are driven to helping various nonprofits spend less and create more. We would rather your donations go toward helping than to the expenses associated with running the company. We also donate to nonprofits in Houston as our way of giving back (either through discounts or in kind donations).

Do you want to shake up the market? Have some wild idea and want a company that can come up with something New and Inventive? We are always looking for our next award winning client who is willing to push the boundaries.

Corporate Branding

We love taking a company (new or existing) and crafting all aspects of its presence.

Creative Consultation

Sometimes it is hard to come up with creativity when you are emotionally invested in the company. We offer creative consultations to help brainstorm new marketing tactics, loyalty campaigns, and strategies.

Graphic Design

Creating carefully planned intelligent design is our specialty. It takes a master with experience to future-proof your image.

Website Development

Digital design has its advantages and its limitations, and it takes a team who knows both to build your online presence that looks great and is responsive to work on web and mobile devices.

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